The Drive-in (Drive-through) racking is a racking construction for single type goods with long term warehousing and slow turnover. This type of racking is often used in cold store and freezers. Using Drive-in racking is a perfect solution for seasonal demand goods warehousing, ones requiring special conditions, or for additional stock collection of the same SKU. The drive-in racking provides maximum warehouse area use.

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The rack consists of frames and uprights, connected with each other by brackets and special profiles, designed to support pallets. The construction secures multilevel warehousing. In order to load or pick the required pallet, the forklift loader drives in to the tunnel where the pallets are to be placed. IMVO produces special rulers for a loader to move inside the rack system safely. IMVO is experienced in manufacturing and delivering six-level drive-in racks. The Drive-in rack provides the LIFO (last in, first out) principle while the drive-through rack, having similar construction with the drive-in rack, is accessible from both sides. Such property allows the drive-through pallet rack provide the FIFO (first in, first out) loading principle, where the pallet is loaded on one side and then picked from the other.

Advantages of IMVO’s drive-in racking:

  • upright profile with high mechanical strength;
  • arm position adjustment with 50 mm step;
  • different coating for different exploitment conditions;
  • reliable rulers for loaders;
  • load distribution attributes for insufficient flooring strength;
  • high construction stability due to use of x-bracing.