Wide aisle pallet racking or conventional pallet racking is a flexible solution in means of logistics and functionality. Direct access to each pallet, comfortable stock control, steady and reliable construction with wide range of load capacity and height, numerous additional accessories and low price are key advantages of this type of racking. There is also a capability to combine racking with shelving and special temperature conditions exploitation features: freezers up to -30 C, refrigerators, outdoor warehouse, aggressive environment.

For warehousing goods, pallets are commonly used. There are two main pallet types – the Euro pallet and the Fin pallet. Containers, barrels, reels and coils can also be loaded on a pallet rack. Frames and beams are the main constructive elements of wide aisle racking. The frame construction is reusable and consists of two uprights, connected with each other with braces, with plates (bases). All constructive elements are bolted. The frame is anchored to the floor. Each pallet is placed on a pair of beams which stick to the frames with brackets. IMVO manufactured a range of profiles and braces, which secure 12 m tall racks with capability to extend up to 30 m with 30 t per section load capacity. Load capacity per one cell can reach up to 5 tons. The double deep racking by IMVO provides additional warehousing area by reducing the amount of aisles between racks.

IMVOs' conventional pallet racking advantages:

  • the construction of a rack allows to carry out goods handling with different loads and heights;
  • high reliability and stability of the construction;
  • special constructive elements development for specific warehousing tasks;
  • additional pallet warehousing due to P&D station installation;
  • reliable rulers for safe operation of narrow aisle stacker loaders;
  • reliable protective elements, tested in extreme conditions;
  • development and implementation of special solutions, like dividing the warehouse into different technological ares.