The feature of building materials warehousing lays in several aspects. The first aspect is heavy loads.
A rapid growth of technology all over the globe keeps leaving less time and space for efficient activity 
For goods' warehousing in low temperature conditions (refrigerators and freezers), the warehouse has to have a special layout and according equipment . 
For cities of even countries, located on trade routs, building a logistics centre (LC) or a logistics hub is just a matter of time, for it provides high incomes for stakeholders, and even economic growth. 
Pharmaceutical industry warehousing requires special planning and organization. 
In production, the racks play not only the warehousing role (for raw materials, parts, finished goods), but supply and distribution also. 

High-quality IMVO products are developed and produced by professional and competent specialists. IMVO pays considerable attention to the constant growth of professional skills of all its employees.

Racking fencing system, carried out in accordance with State custom committees' technical requirements.
Wide range of goods warehousing on the limited area of a high building.
Special warehousing solution for long reels athwart the aisle. The upright protection and firefighting system protection design by IMVO.
DIY supermarket complex equipment supply
Individual design of rack structure for coils weighing up to 3000 kg
Bespoke cantilever horizontal bar rack, meant for long goods warehousing on multiple levels above floor level

In October 2014 company received EC Declaration of conformity. Experts of European testing center laboratory conducted a series of tests of the next elements: STP.120.25, STP.120.20, STP.090.25, STP.090.20, STP.084.20, STP.084.15. This document is clear proof of IMVO racking systems' reliability and their compliance with European standards. Upot the client's request IMVO can provide the results of tests.

In 2010 IMVO was granted the ISO 9001:2008 certificate for quality management system and in 2013 we got ISO 9001:2009. This certificate is a confirmation of our Quality Management System at all stages of development, production, installation and maintenance of products

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