The warehouse efficiency is one of the mainest success factors. However, the safety, especially staff safety is not less important as the efficiency and the efficiency cannot be reached without safety. The upsetting statistics claims about 2% of all fatal excidents at work make ones inside warehouses.

The well know among successful companies 5S principle lets efficiently order a workplace. It has been defined as part of Toyota's manufacturing methodology, and Toyota is well know not only as a novator in car manufacturing, but also as one of main novators in manufacturing technology improvement and this company remains an example to follow for numerous companies over the globe.

A warehouse or a DC with manual handling can be an efficient part of business process or it can be a real challenge. It all depends on many issues, in particular – right handling method choice and accordance with the goods features. The special attention should be paid on the picking process. In logistic hubs, this issue is most critical. For estimating the requirements for a picking method, the distribution center or

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